Greg V

"Elixir® Strings help my guitars sing." - Greg V


  • Favorite Elixir® Strings:
    Nanoweb Acoustic Medium .013-.056
  • Currently Listening To:
    Adele - "19", Brian Blade "Moma Rosa", Manchester Orchestra "Mean Everything to Nothing"
  • Favorite Guitar:
    Fender Relic Nocaster
  • Current Rig:
    Fender Nocaster, Gibson SG Historic, Swart AST PRO amp, Timmy and Zvex Box Of Rock overdrives, Mad Professor Fire Red Fuzz, EHX Mem
  • Most Influential Artist:
    Everything in life that is soulful and artful.
  • Elixir® Strings Quote:
    Elixir® Strings help my guitars sing.
  • Website: