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"I love Elixir Strings for their tone! They last longer and don't squeak."
- Arthur Lee Land

Arthur Lee Land - ELIXIR Strings Artist

The Lyons Colorado based artist, multi-instrumentalist and unforgettable loop artist Arthur Lee Land, released his 4th album, Cracked Open, in May 2013. Musically speaking, Electro-Americana may best describe his eclectic fusion of folk-rock, afro-grass and electronica, but cannot fully explain the unique dynamics at work when Arthur takes the stage. His Art of live-looping techniques, which have defined his live shows since the early 2000s, are an event every performer needs to see.

Arthur tours as an innovative solo act using the Art of live-looping to create an "on the fly" full band sound by layering acoustic guitars, six string banjo, mandolin, B-Bender Telecaster, bass, African percussion, drum samples, beat boxing and other electronic sonic textures and effects. Electro Americana is where high-tech meets grassroots!

Arthur's Favorite
Elixir Strings

Acoustic 80/20 Bronze with NANOWEB® Coating

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Arthur Lee Land

Solo Artist

Website: arthurleeland.com

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