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"Straight out of the box Elixir Strings sound just right. And the sound stays consistent over the long life of the string." - George Marinelli

George Marinelli - ELIXIR Strings Artist

George Marinelli's musical resume spans decades and includes long time band member for Bonnie Raitt and other headliners like Billy and the Beaters, Jimmie Wood and The Immortals, and a founding member of Bruce Hornsby and The Range.

In addition, the multi-talented Marinelli has released solo albums where he plays not only guitar, but also bass, keys, drums, mandolin and percussion along with the vocals.

He resides in Nashville where he does session work, writes and produces. He freely admits to being a compulsive NFL addict where his team of choice is the NY Giants. No doubt the result of his New York roots.

Elixir Strings talks with George Marinelli about his favorite guitars.

George Marinelli

Bonnie Raitt
Solo Artist

Website: georgemarinelli.com‎

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