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"I don't have to change them all the time and they still sound fantastic."
- John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones - ELIXIR Strings Artist

Few rock bass players have exerted the influence that Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones has on his fellow four (and five- and six-) stringers over the last four and a half decades. Born in 1946 to a musical family - his father Joe was a pianist and big band arranger - John Paul learned the piano from a young age and began an illustrious career as a session player and arranger in 1964.

He contributed to hundreds of tracks recorded in London in the late 60s, but it was his teaming up with fellow session star Jimmy Page in 1968 to form Led Zeppelin that changed rock'n'roll as the world knew it. Jones and drummer John Bonham worked together with a swagger missing from other heavy acts of the late 1960s, melding blues, rock and even funk influences - and this eclectic approach remains typical of the ever-active musician. Whether playing rock bass with Them Crooked Vultures, producing bluegrass records or touring as a mandolin player, John Paul Jones remains as versatile as ever.

John Paul Jones talks with Elixir Strings.

John Paul Jones

Led Zeppelin
Them Crooked Vultures

Website: johnpauljones.com

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