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Electric Bass Guitar Strings

Electric Bass Stainless Steel with NANOWEB® Coating

Elixir® Stainless Steel Bass Strings with a NANOWEB Coating took a year of intense research and feedback of 1000+ bassists.

With the coating designed just for bass, these Stainless Steel Strings deliver growling mids and high-end slice that today’s bassists demand. The coating gives a more natural feel with better grip and offers durability and response even against hard hitting attacks.

  • Only coated string brand to protect the entire string with an ultra-thin coating, keeping gunk out of the gaps between the windings
  • Extended Tone Life – players report their tone lasts longer than any other string, uncoated or coated
  • Enhanced grip
  • Durability and response even during hard-hitting attacks
  • Smooth feel that is easy on your fingers and enhances playability
  • Consistent performance and tone – ready to play whenever you are
  • Reduced finger squeak – good for both performance and recording
  • With less hassle and expense of frequent strings changes, spend more time making music

Electric Bass Stainless Steel with NANOWEB Coating

Part No. Gauge G-1 D-2 A-3 E-4 B-5 Buy Now
14652 4-String Light / Long Scale .045 .065 .080 .100 -
14677 4-String Medium / Long Scale .045 .065 .085 .105 -
14777 5-String Medium / with Light B / Long Scale .045 .065 .085 .105 .130
14877 5-String Medium / with Super Light B / Long Scale .045 .065 .085 .105 .0125
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Additional Information

String Tension for Tuning

Tensions shown below are an approximation. The tuning is given for a particular scale length (Long=34") and standard tuning.

Gauge Scale Length G-1
Diameter (in) / Tension (lbs)
Diameter (in) / Tension (lbs)
Diameter (in) / Tension (lbs)
Diameter (in) / Tension (lbs)
Diameter (in) / Tension (lbs)
Total Tension (lbs)
Light / Long Scale Strings
Diameter (in) / Tension (lbs)
34" .045 / 43 .065 / 48 .080 / 42 .100 / 35 - 168
Medium / Long Scale
Diameter (in) / Tension (lbs)
34" .045 / 43 .065 / 48 .085 / 49 .105 / 40 - 180
Medium with Light B / Long Scale
Diameter (in) / Tension (lbs)
34" .045 / 43 .065 / 48 .085 / 49 .105 / 40 .130 / 33 213
Medium with Super Light B / Long Scale
Diameter (in) / Tension (lbs)
34" .045 / 43 .065 / 48 .085 / 49 .105 / 40 .125 / 33 213

Why Use Elixir Strings?


Extend Tone Life

When is it Time to Change Strings?

How to stave off "tone death" with Elixir®  Strings

A string is "dead" when it no longer exhibits the intensity of frequencies it had when it was new. When you pluck a new string, you can hear the high-frequency harmonics that makes an instrument's tone vibrant.

Click here to listen! Live String
Click here to listen! Dead String

"LIVE" STRING: In this audio file of an Elixir String, you can recognize the brilliant tone you associate with a fresh set of strings. Complex overtones of high-frequency harmonics allow for a full, rich, and desirable sound.

"DEAD" STRING: In a remarkably short time, uncoated strings will succumb to dirt and corrosion, and will lose the vibrancy you enjoyed when the strings were new. They can no longer vibrate as freely, and your tone will suffer.

There are many tell-tale signs that an uncoated string has died. Before you even play your instrument, you’ll see that the string has become discolored due to corrosion and accumulation of debris in the windings. But listening to the instrument’s tone is the most important test. Looking at the graph above and listening to the accompanying audio examples, you can see and hear how the new string offers complex overtones, while the frequency intensity on a dead string is lessened, leaving you with a lifeless sound.

You could prevent this by changing strings after every playing session, but that solution is both time consuming and costly. Or, you can put on a set of Elixir Strings. Players report with Elixir Strings their tone lasts longer than any other string, uncoated or coated.

Artists Who Use Electric Bass Stainless Steel with NANOWEB Coating

Hussain Jiffry - ELIXIR Strings Artist
Hussain Jiffry