Elixir®  HD Light Strings,
a new voice to love — for longer

  • Bolder, stronger high end
  • Fuller, warmer low end
  • Balanced voice across all strings
  • .013, .017, .025, .032, .042, .053
  • Developed with Taylor Guitars
  • View the string tension for tuning

The Story Behind the Strings

The Story
Behind the Strings

Taylor Guitars worked with Elixir Strings to create a custom string set that brings bolder highs and fuller lows to the Grand Concert and Grand Auditorium guitars.

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  • Extended Tone Life

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Create a Consistent Tone

One of the qualities that Bob Taylor admires in Andy's guitar-making approach is his ability to create a consistent of tone within the voice of the guitar.

"The highest notes that you can play on the 12th fret, on the high strings, are as loud and meaty as the lowest notes," Bob explains.

"It sounds like one guitar from one end to another. That can be hard to achieve, because often it can sound like one guitar for the first five frets, another guitar for the next four frets, and yet another guitar for the next four frets. But Andy's guitars sound like the same musical instrument, like a piano."

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