Anti-Rust Strings are Back

We wanted to make you aware that our transition back to plain steel strings with Anti-Rust plating has been completed. Since early Spring, all Elixir® Strings POLYWEB® and NANOWEB® coated wound string sets for acoustic and electric guitars have contained plain steels with Anti-Rust plating.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Excellence team at 1.800.367.5533 or email us at

What's the difference between original plain steels and plain steels with Anti-Rust plating?
Both provide excellent tone and long life. Anti-Rust's plating technology simply extends the life of the plain steels longer – by as much as 3-5x – by preventing rust and corrosion.

How will we know which packs contain original plain steels vs. Anti-Rust Plain Steels?
Check the front of your Elixir® Strings package. If the set has Anti-Rust Plain Steels, it will be indicated on the box on the lower right side of the front panel.

Will there be any other changes to NANOWEB or POLYWEB wound string sets?
No. The only change is the transition back to the Anti-Rust Plain Steels as part of the NANOWEB and POLYWEB wound string sets.