How to Choose Acoustic 6-String

You've chosen the acoustic 6-string steel guitar. This is the most popular style of acoustic guitar in the world. Elixir® Strings features two styles: 80/20 Bronze (traditional acoustic guitar strings) and Phosphor Bronze. Both strings are available with Elixir® Strings legendary ultra-thin NANOWEB® coating.

80/20 Bronze Strings are perfect for any style of steel string acoustic guitar playing. These are the preferred strings for acoustic guitarists all over the world. Whether you're flat-picking, playing finger-style, or strumming country or rock tunes, these strings will give you many hours of great warm tone and will ensure that your guitar sounds and plays its best. Phosphor Bronze Elixir® Strings are also loved by countless musicians covering all styles of music. These strings have a more complex tone that many guitarists use as their main sonic signature. Like the 80/20 Bronze string, the Phosphor Bronze string is made for flat-picking, finger-style playing, and strumming.

A note about string gauges:
Acoustic guitar string sets tend to be .010, .011, .012, or .013 gauge. (Note: The gauge number refers to the thickness of the high E string in the set.) The lighter gauges work best for beginners because they can be easier on your fingers. It's important to have your guitar professionally set up, especially if you're changing your string gauge. If you're new to changing guitar strings and have questions, we recommend you visit your local music store.