How to Choose Electric 6-String

You've chosen the electric 6-string guitar. This is the most popular style of electric guitar in the world. Elixir® Strings for electric guitar feature the legendary ultra-thin NANOWEB® Coating.

These strings are perfect for any style of electric guitar, and they are the preferred string for electric guitarists all over the world. Whether you're a rocker, chicken picker, strummer, or jazzer, these strings will give you many hours of great warm tone and will ensure that your guitar sounds its best.

A note about string gauges:
String gauges typically change based on the style of music. Do you bend your strings a lot? Play hard rhythm? The answer to these questions relate to what's the best gauge for you. Typically jazz uses .012 gauge, heavy blues uses .011 and .012 gauge. and country chicken-picking tends to use .009 or .010 gauge. (Note: The gauges mentioned here refer to the thickness of the high E or 1st string in the set.) The lighter gauges work best for beginners because they can be easier on your fingers. It's important to have your guitar professionally set up, especially if you're changing your string gauge. If you're new to changing guitar strings and have questions, we recommend you visit your local music store.