Elixir® Strings Tips & Tricks

Tuning New Strings Up To Pitch

Here's a tip from the pros...

After installing a new set, take a few moments to stretch and fully seat the new strings. Here's how:

Start on the low E string by placing your left hand index finger on the string at the first fret. Use your right hand to grasp the string and gently tug on the string back and forth a couple of times. Now move your fretting finger up to the second fret and repeat the tugging part. Continue this routine until your fretting hand gets to the 12th fret. Now retune the string and repeat as necessary. Be sure to do this for all six strings.

Once you've got the strings stretched, fine tune all strings by starting in the middle of the guitar with the D (4th) string. Tune the D string then move up to the G (3rd) string. Once the G is in tune, go back and touch up the D string. Check the G string, then move on to the B string. Get the B in tune, then recheck the others. Now tune the A string, followed by touch ups on the previously tuned strings. Finally, tune both E strings and recheck all six strings and you're ready to play!