Why Elixir® Strings


Why not all coated strings are created equal.

We've shown you the advantages of Elixir® Strings over non-coated strings. But why should you choose Elixir® Strings over other coated brands?

Other Coated String

Elixir® Strings

Other coated strings still allow debris and corrosion to occur within the windings of the string.
With Elixir® Strings the patented polymer coating covers the entire string and forms a barrier against tone-killing gunk. Result: Elixir® Strings retain their tone longer than any other string, uncoated or coated, according to players.

Elixir® Strings is the only brand that provides a coating over the entire string. Look closely at the photos above that are examples of what can happen to your strings after about 15 hours of play. You can see the protective coating that extends all the way around the Elixir® String, which stops foreign objects from getting into the winding. Other coated strings do not offer the same protection and therefore allow gunk to build up in the gaps leading to tone loss.