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Get lost in the music

Bright tones and a just-right feel come ever more effortlessly with strings engineered for long tone life.

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The new OPTIWEB® Coated Electric Strings are perfect for players looking for the crisp tone and natural feel of an uncoated string.

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  • Electric Nickel Plated Steel with OPTIWEB Coating
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  • Acoustic Phosphor Bronze with NANOWEB Coating
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  • Acoustic 80/20 Bronze with NANOWEB Coating
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  • Electric Nickel Plated Steel with POLYWEB Coating
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  • Electric Bass Nickel Plated Steel with NANOWEB Coating
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  • How to Improve Your Hammer ons and Pull offs – Beginner Electric Guitar Lesson

    Two essential techniques, hammer ons and pull offs, beginner electric guitar players should practice for a smoother sound.

  • Why use Elixir Strings?

    Players swear by Elixir Strings over any other string, insisting tone sounds new and strings feel fresh the longest.