How to Enhance Slap Bass Lines with Muted 8ths

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Learn how to improve a simple slap bass groove using 8th notes and muted 8th notes from artist-educator Andrew Ford. Listen how the muted 8th notes deepen the groove and 16ths add a skip. The added muted syncopation provides forward motion and helps it to groove more.

Elixir Strings feel great, sound great and give me a rich, full bottom end with presence and clarity that complement any style of music I play from pop to jazz and everything in between. Oh yeah, and they last an incredibly long time! Andrew Ford

Andrew is an accomplished composer, educator and longtime endorsing Elixir® Strings artist. See other lessons at

Strings played: Electric Bass Nickel Plated Steel with NANOWEB® Coating, 4- and 5-String, Light/Medium Gauge, Long Scale

  • Electric Bass Nickel Plated Steel with NANOWEB Coating
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