Singing and Playing Bass Guitar

Session luminary and Elixir® Strings endorsing artist Yolanda Charles makes grooving on a busy bassline and counterpoint vocal look simple. Here she walks us through the art of juggling melody and rhythm using "Lean On Me" by Bill Withers. 

They sound great, feel really comfortable, and I don't need to keep changing them over and over again. Yolanda Charles

More Bass Guitar Tips & Tricks

  • Bass Looping Techniques

    Endorsing artist Chris Hargreaves walks through the bass looping techniques he uses with Submotion Orchestra, demonstrating how even non-virtuosos can achieve atmospheric soundscapes and percussive effects with a blend of echo, reverb, delay, EQ and panning. 

  • Dave Marks Tutorial

    Top session bassist and endorsing artist Dave Marks believes a knowledge of FX makes a musician more versatile and therefore, more employable. Watch as he talks us through his pedalboard - from drive to flange - giving insider tips and tricks for each stompbox. 

  • Hadrien Feraud's Flight of the Bumblebee

    Hadrien Feraud shows us his warm up exercise. It starts out slow, but ends crazy fast. How fast can you play Flight of the Bumblebee?