Major / Minor 7th Warm-up Exercise

Technique: Acoustic Guitar Warm-Up

"No matter what level you’re at, your playing will always benefit from a good warm-up before practice or performance sessions. We all know that warming up can be dull though, so fresh inspiration is always welcome - and that’s just what Elixir® Strings artist Scott Goldbaum delivers with this short video tutorial!

Aimed at intermediate to advanced players, this musical exercise is based around major and minor 7th arpeggios, so it’s not only a useful workout for your hands, it’s actually fun to play and sounds great. In particular, it’s a perfect exercise for co-ordinating your picking thumb and fretting hand, before working up speed and adding your remaining picking fingers on the higher strings. As Scott mentions, you’ll want to concentrate on gently “grazing” the strings as you build up speed to ensure this is a flowing, sweet-sounding workout!"

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate Acoustic Guitar

I love the tone, feel and response of Elixir Strings! Scott Goldbaum

Strings Played

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