Economy Picking For Pentatonic Licks

Technique: Economy Picking For Electric Guitar

"Smooth, effortless-sounding fast picking is a goal for many guitar players. One of the most effective ways of achieving this oft-elusive aim is by using economy picking, which minimises changes in pick direction, helping to make your solos and licks sound slick and articulate. It's not an easy technique to grasp, but well worth perfecting if you want to really advance your playing.

Using economy picking for pentatonic licks allows you to add some fire to solos in all kind of musical situations. Here, Elixir® Strings artist Micky Crystal breaks down a great-sounding bluesy lick into sizeable chunks, highlighting the pick direction for each note so you can work it up to speed and get shredding."

Skill Level: Intermediate Electric Guitar

I use Elixir Optiweb® Strings everywhere I go, from the stage, studio to the practice room. They sound amazing, feel great and last a long time. Elixir Strings are the best!Micky Crystal

Strings Played

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