How To Play Slap Harmonics On Acoustic Guitar

Technique: Slap Technique For Acoustic Guitar

"One of the wonderful, unique things about the acoustic guitar is the extent to which it allows you to introduce a percussive edge to your playing. The bright, powerful sound of steel strings combined with a resonant body allows for real expression and tonal variety when using hammer-ons and slap techniques. Add in the use of harmonics - those beautiful, ringing fundamental tones - and you have a recipe for a really dynamic style.

Elixir® Strings artist Maneli Jamal takes this approach even further by including a "double tap" harmonic technique using two fingers on his right hand. This creates a driving groove that really powers a track, particularly for solo acoustic compositions. "

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Skill Level: Intermediate Acoustic Guitar

Elixir Strings inspire me to pick up my guitar more because of that rich tone that we all want out of our acoustic guitars.Maneli Jamal

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