Palm Muting On Bass Guitar

Technique: Bass Guitar Muting

"While sustain and bright-sounding tone is sometimes exactly what you need for a bass part, there are times when punchy, fat, shorter notes are what’s called for. Motown-style lines, for example, often need that rounded, muted tone.

One way of achieving that is by using foam wedged underneath the strings at the bridge to reduce sustain. But what if you want to change between long, singing lines and a muted tone in the same song? In this video lesson, Elixir® Strings artist Vernon Prout demonstrates a palm-muting technique to allow just that, using the side of your picking hand to mute the strings. By using both thumb and fingers for different parts you can accentuate a fat, powerful sound or play octaves or wider intervals too – it’s a really useful technique for vintage-type grooves, so have fun experimenting with it!"

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate Bass Guitar

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