Stretchy Licks That Sound Hard

Technique: Wide Interval Licks For Electric Guitar

"Using some wide intervals in your solos can be really ear-catching and break you out of the cliched "blues boxes" that it's easy to get stuck in. And don't worry if you don't have huge, Paul Gilbert-style hands - with good technique and hand position you can cover wide stretches with ease.

Triplet-style licks are always good candidates for working on these kind of stretchy licks - three-note-per-string patterns fall under the fingers nicely. Here, Elixir® Strings artist Cameron Cooper shows a few wide-range licks that draw on the styles of Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads and Steve Vai. All of them are great exercises in their own right, and played up to tempo are perfect for sprinkling some spice over your solos."

Skill Level: Intermediate Electric Guitar

Elixir Strings have a beautiful slinky feel, stay in tune brilliantly and last longer than any other brands I have tried. In my opinion, these are the strings for the musician that plays a lot!Cameron Cooper

Strings Played

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