How To: E Add9 Finger-stretching Warm-up Exercise

Technique: Acoustic Guitar Warm-Up Exercise

"Moving fingers “inside” chord shapes while keeping others in place can be a surprising challenge that requires practice, particularly where large fretting hand stretches are involved. So finding warm-ups that allow you to drill these moves, while also sounding good, can be really useful in improving accuracy and finger flexibility.

In this short video lesson, Elixir® Strings artist Scott Goldbaum takes a beautiful E Add9 chord and by moving just one finger, creates a digit-stretching exercise that provides a great warm-up for both hands. It’s also a musically interesting piece that can act as a springboard for other similar workout ideas!"

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate Acoustic Guitar

I love the tone, feel and response of Elixir Strings! Scott Goldbaum

Strings played

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