How To: B Minor Tapping Lick

Technique: Electric Guitar Tapping

"For many rock guitarists, tapping is a must-have technique to add some spice to solos. By using your picking hand to fret notes, tapping extends your fingerboard reach beyond what’s possible with your fretting hand only. While it’s sometimes dismissed as unnecessarily flashy, when used creatively tapping can be a really useful playing tool, even if you’re not an aspiring Eddie Van Halen or Steve Vai.

In this short video tutorial, Elixir® Strings artist Yasi Hofer demonstrates a great lick that’s ideal for those just starting out on their tapping journey. It’s simple (if not easy!) and the combination of picked notes, hammer-ons and tapped notes covers all the left and right hand techniques necessary. Once you get the basics down, you can apply the general principles to take your solos to the next level!

You can find a transcription and tab of this lesson at:"

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate Electric Guitar

I just love Elixir® Strings for their tone, their feel and most importantly their reliability. Yasi Hofer