Learn To Play A New Orleans-style Rhumba On Acoustic Guitar

Technique: Acoustic Guitar New Orleans Blues

Rhumba-style chord progressions are an instantly-identifiable part of the New Orleans blues sound, but they're mainly associated with piano players like Professor Longhair and Dr John. The syncopated, rolling groove is adaptable for guitar with a little work however, and will add an unusual, distinctive rhythmic tool to your arsenal.

You'll need to get your picking hand thumb and fingers working independently to mimic the bass and chordal/melodic approach taken by piano players. And Elixir® Strings artist Mary Flowers is an expert guide on how to get your head and hands around the technique. With practice, your muscle memory will develop to allow you to nail the feel like a pro.

Skill Level: Intermediate Acoustic Guitar

Just gliding on the strings (not fighting the strings) makes Elixir my only string choice. With over six decades of playing, these fingers deserve a smooth ride. Thanks, Elixir! Mary Flower

Strings Played

Acoustic 80/20 Bronze Strings with POLYWEB® Coating, Light-Medium Gauge


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