Techniques To Make Bass Warm-Ups Fun

Technique: Bass Guitar Warm-Up Excercises

We all know that practicing is key to continuous improvement as a musician. There's no escaping the need to put in the time to develop great technique, but warming up even before a practice session or gig is equally important. Without warming up, your hands won't work efficiently, your technique will suffer and you increase the risk of injury too. But warming up is even more boring than practicing, right?

Well, it doesn't have to be. There are bass lines that can act as great warm-ups and are fun to play, instantly turning a warm-up into an enjoyable musical experience. In this short video Elixir® Strings artist John Bird takes the classic bass part from Steve Wonder's 'I Wish' and shows you how to turn it into a really effective warm-up. By moving it around the neck, covering one fret-per-finger with the left hand and using different right hand techniques, you'll get both hands working togther and limbered up quickly and without losing interest.

Skill Level: Intermediate Bass Guitar

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