How To: Chords In Open D Tuning

Technique: Acoustic Guitar Altered Tunings

"Altered tunings can provide a wealth of inspiration when it comes to composing and exploring new avenues on the guitar, forcing you to think differently about chord voicings and making possible parts that are unplayable in standard tuning. Open D – where the guitar is simply tuned to a D chord – is a fantastic, rich-sounding tuning and the perfect place to start the journey if you’ve never tried alternate tunings.

In this easy-to-follow tutorial, Elixir® Strings artist John Connearn takes you through the chords built on the notes of the D Major scale, with the Open D tuning allowing for some beautiful chord extensions. The best thing is that the tuning gives access to these while keeping the fingering simple. The deep sound of Open D is great for solo guitar tunes or accompanying singers, so follow along and even if the theory is beyond you, John will have you playing huge-sounding chords in no time!"

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate Acoustic Guitar

I play Elixir Strings because I know that every time I pick up a guitar, it will feel, sound, and respond the way I believe a guitar should. I’ll also feel confident in this whether the strings have been played for months, or if they are fresh out of the pack. John Connearn

Strings Played

Acoustic 80/20 Bronze with NANOWEB Coating, Custom Light Gauge