Preparing for a Session

Los Angeles session guitarist, songwriter, teacher and endorsing Elixir® Strings artist, Tom Strahle, shares what it takes to make it in the studio scene. 

I use Elixir Strings for many reasons. Their longevity, less finger squeak, easier on the fingers, and sound worked-in the minute they are on the instrument. Tom Strahle

More Acoustic Guitar Tips & Tricks

  • How to Arrange a Pop Song

    Endorsing Elixir® Strings artist Ulli Boegershausen shows how to arrange Richard Marx's "Right Here Waiting For You" for acoustic guitar. 

  • Percussive Techniques

    Endorsing artist Tom Crouch breaks down the techniques behind his unique cover of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky." Tom slows the pace to show how chords combine with percussive effects to turn his acoustic into a one-man band. 

  • Phil Keaggy Demonstrates Capos and Looping

    This is classic Phil Keaggy. If one capo is good, two are better. In addition to capos, he integrates looping into the demonstration.