How Your Guitar Pick Can Change Your Sound

Los Angeles session guitarist, songwriter, teacher and endorsing artist, Tom Strahle, demos how something as simple and inexpensive as a guitar pick can have a big impact on your playing.

I use Elixir Strings for many reasons. Their longevity, less finger squeak, easier on the fingers, and sound worked-in the minute they are on the instrument.

Tom Strahle

Looking to switch up your tone or style? Watch how to achieve the sound from U2 guitarist, Dave ‘The Edge’ Evans, in “Where the Streets have No Name” with a Herdim guitar pick. Tom Strahle shows us not only this pick technique, but also others that can have a big impact in this lesson.

Tricks with Picks is a perfect guitar lesson for players of all levels who are exploring new gear, tones and playing styles. The featured pick in this lesson is a Herdim Blue Heavy Nylon Pick.

Tom plays: Acoustic 80/20 Bronze with POLYWEB Coating (Light Gauge) and Electric Nickel Plated Steel.

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